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Keep track of all items required for mastery rank.

Features tier-ranking, recommendations and in-depth information.

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  • Added Gauss Prime Update
    2024.01.18 Read more
  • Added Whispers in the Walls Update
    2023.12.14 Read more
  • Added Abyss of Dagath Update
    2023.10.19 Read more
Warframe primary weapon: Arca Plasmor Warframe primary weapon: Kohm Warframe secondary weapon: Lato Warframe melee weapon: Dual Cleavers Warframe primary weapon: Braton Warframe melee weapon: Dual Heat Swords Warframe secondary weapon: Detron


Click an items name to open a modal.

Acquisition are searchable, search for 'dojo' for some easily obtainable items.

Statistics correspond to sections in Warframe menu 'My Profile > Equipment'.

Check the Help-section for more tips.


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